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Study Visa Canada


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Canada attracts a decent volume of Indian students with the alluring facilities for students and great visa policies. Getting admission into top universities of Canada is a dream for many Indian students who want to pursue their higher studies overseas and this requires excellent academic score and the permission to study which means Student Visa. The Student Visa or Study Visa is
a document that Canadian immigration authorities issue in order to permit a foreign student study in Canada as international students.


There are many privileges that an international student get in Canada, some of them are -
  • Canada has high academic standards and precise quality controls which depicts the high-quality education that ensures a successful career.
  • Cost of education in the maple leaf country is comprehensively low when we compare it with other western counterparts.
  • International Students get internationally recognized degrees, diplomas or certifications in Canada.
  • There are severe long term benefits that students get while studying in Canada, i.e., points for permanent residency.
  • You will get a work permit for up to 3 years once after getting a 2 years student visa. Moreover, you can work 20 hours per week during your study period and this will be converted to full-time permit after the completion of your studies.


You have to fulfil the following criteria in order to apply for Student Visa -
  • You must have a 5.5 score in each of the IELTS band with an overall minimum score of 6.0 or above for undergraduate programs and for graduate courses, it requires minimum 6.0 in each band with 6.5 overall score.
  • You must have to prove adequate funds to pay you tuition fees and living expenditures.
  • You must have a clean background with no criminal record or severe police charges.
  • Candidate have to undergo a medical examination to make sure he/she is in good health


  • You must need a valid passport to apply for a Study Visa.
  • Candidate must have to declare the proof of funds. Immigration authorities want to know how you are going to fund your education and living expenses.
  • You have to show the letter of acceptance by the institution/college you are getting enrolled in.
  • Candidate needs to gear up for the visa interview after submitting all the required documents as you won't get the visa without clearing it.
  • • Every university and educational institution has its academic score requirement, the candidate must fulfill the requirement to apply for this visa program.

Also at the time of your visa interview, you have to assure the visa officer that you will leave the country after the completion of your studies.

Processing Time

The visa application takes an estimate of 3-4 weeks to get cleared. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check out the official website of IRCC to know the approximate time taken to process the visa application.


The student visa application fee for Canada is CAD$160