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Quebec City is known for its great history and European architecture. It is a piece of French region in Canada. The Quebec skilled worker visa is completely meant for this Quebec province only. You can consider this program as one of the best immigration because it has its eligibility criteria to choose eligible skilled workers under this economic immigration program. You will find this pact quite different from other immigration programs in Canada. The selected candidate receives a CSQ(Certificat de du Quebec) under this program and that makes the candidate eligible to apply for Canadian PR to IRCC(Immigration Refugee & Citizenship Canada).


The flourishing and vibrating society of Quebec offers the following benefits to their residents -
  • Along with the natural beauty and strong economy, this program offers a wide range of immigration program to skilled candidates.
  • You will get secure access to basic facilities like health care, education, insurance etc.
  • The vibrant and rich aesthetic society attract skilled workers across the globe.
  • You will get social security and financial assistance at the same time in Quebec.

How to apply

You need to follow the below key points to get the PR in Quebec -
  • Apply online in Mon project of Quebec on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Candidates with the selected application will get the CSQ (Certificat de du Quebec).
  • Once you receive the CSQ, you have to file an application to IRCC for PR in Canada.


The process of this visa program is not that complex. Here are some basic requirements that you should make sure for Quebec immigration -
  • You must be 18 years old and he/she must meet 50 points(and 59, if married) under the eligibility point grid.
  • You must be proficient in either English or French.
  • You have to show at least 3 years of work experience in the last 5 years with supporting documentation to prove that.
  • You will have to show enough funds to settle and sustain in Quebec.

Processing Time

To get the PR in Canada by PNP procedure, the following are the applicable fee for different procedures -


The cost to apply for CSQ(Certificat de du Quebec) is -
  • For primary candidate - $390
  • For spouse who is coming along - $150
  • For each child - $150