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Canada PNP

Canada PNP


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Canada PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) as the name suggests itself, are the immigration programs which allows different territories and provinces across the maple leaf county to nominate educated, skillful & experienced professionals who want to immigrate, ultimately settle down in Canada and contribute appropriate for its labor market and economy. Province has the freedom to select candidates on the basis of their requirement under this protocol.


There are aspects that make PNP different from the mainstream federal immigration programs of Canada. You get many relaxations under this pact as a candidate, i.e.
  • PNP helps in speeding up the application processing for your Canada PR will be processed quickly.
  • No job offer requirement under PNP. This could be beneficial for many of you.
  • Applicants are authorized to work & live in Canada as long as they want after receiving PNP.
  • There is no inconvenience in pool selection at all.
  • Candidates are allotted points for the area of training.

How to apply

There are two basic pathways to apply for PNP. One is the Express Entry system and secondly, you can apply to a PNP province directly. The steps you have to follow in direct province application are -
  • Start with choosing a province and apply in its PNP program.
  • You will get a nomination letter after getting selected by the province.
  • You can apply for permanent residency in Canada to IRCC, based on your nomination.


To apply as a provincial nominee, a candidate must -
  • Meet the least requirements of one of the province's territory's non-express streams.
  • He or she must be nominated under that stream.

Processing Time

The processing time is based on which visa office is processing your application. However, there may be delays with your application if -
  • Any kind of criminal or security problem found.
  • They need to do more background checks.


Application expense for Canada PR for
To get the PR in Canada by PNP procedure, the following are the applicable fee for different procedures -
  • The PNP application fee cost - CAD 550 (Rs. 28,000).
  • The Right to Permanent Residency Application Cost: CAD 490 (Rs. 25,000)