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Study Visa Australia

Study Visa Australia


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The Australian study visa is one of the most popular and demanding visa among’st all the classes of visa. The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) essential for an applicant to get a visa through which the Australian authority must be able to obtain a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily for the purpose of study, or to accompany a student as a dependent either spouse, child or as a guardian. Though this visa an aspiring student can able to pursue his/her career in higher education in the most developed nation like India.


  • Participate in an eligible course of study in Australia
  • Travel in and out of Australia
  • Get employment up to 40 hours every 2 week period once your course starts


  • The visa costs from 620 AUD for the main applicant, unless they are exempt.
  • There is also an additional charge for each family member who applies for the visa.
  • The applicant might also have to pay other fees for health checks, police certificates and biometrics.


  • Being a student.
  • Be enrolled in a certain course of study.
  • Must be fluent in the English language.
  • Have adequate health insurance.
  • Have enough money for your stay.


  • Financial requirements: Evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition, travel and living costs. This document will exhibit your financial capacity to survive in Australia. The embassy will access your financial documents and earning capacity for your child (applicant).
  • English proficiency requirement: it is mandatory to prove that the applicant can speak English to the required level. If the applicant is not from an English-speaking country or haven’t completed at least five years’ study in an English-speaking country, then they have to undergo a test for qualifying the essential criteria.
  • Health requirements: In some case, students may be required to take a medical or to prove that they’re in good health. This certificate is required specifically for those who are aspiring to train as a doctor, dentist or nurse.

Processing time

Processing times of Australian study visa may vary upon the different sector that an applicant is applying for and it may take around 75% of applications in 29 days and 90% of applications in 42 days for the Higher Education Sector and other courses.