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Tourist Visa New Zealand

Tourist Visa New Zealand


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New Zealand is amongst the most beautiful countries on the globe. If you are planning an overseas holiday then New Zealand is the country that will meet all your expectations with beautiful landscapes, temperatures, climate, rainforests and mesmerising beaches. New Zealand is a safe destination for tourists with its low crime rate and hospitality. There are numerous reasons why people visit New Zealand like, holidays, social or recreational reasons, sightseeing, to visit family or friends, a business visit, medical reasons and so on.

Eligibility Criteria To Visit New Zealand -

  • Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of their purpose of visit.
  • Must meet all the health requirements.
  • Should have a clean character.
  • Candidates must have the passport with a minimum of three months past the date you are supposed to leave the country or one month you plan to leave the country.
  • Candidates must be able to demonstrate to visa authorities that you will leave the country on your visa expiration or when your visa is going to expire.
  • Candidates have to show that NZ$1000 per person per month of the visit (or NZ$400 per month if accommodation) is already paid. Proof of payment, such a hotel prepaid voucher will be required.

Know about the various categories of NZ visit visa

There are numerous categories that come under this visa program and that depends on the purpose of visit. The categories are –

Employment & Business Related

  • Candidate seeking for professional registration.
  • Approved music & arts festival.
  • Business visitors.
  • Conference Representatives.
  • Crew members joining ships or aircraft.
  • Owners & crew persons of super yachts.
  • Some sports events.
  • Visit to media programs.
  • Work visa holders declined during the trial period.

Other Visitor Visa Types

  • Group visas.
  • Antarctic travelers.
  • Patients coming to NZ for medical consultation or treatment or their companions.
  • Transitory retirement category.
  • Traveling by own aircraft or yacht.

There is no need for a visitor visa if you are staying in New Zealand for less than 24 hrs, stopping off at an NZ airport to another country. Though, you may require a transit visa for New Zealand that costs NZ$140 as fee.

Parents, Children and Other Relatives

  • Children adopted abroad.
  • Culturally arrange wedding.
  • Dependent children of the NZ resident or citizen.
  • Guardians or parents of the students.
  • Partner of dependent children of work visa holder or students.
  • Partner of NZ citizens or residents.

Cost of Visa

  • Brand 'A' New Zealand (Including GST) - NZ$ 165.
  • Brand 'B' Australia - NZ$ 130.
  • Brand 'C' rest of the world - NZ$ 165.