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Always dreamt of living and working in Canada? If the answer is in yes then you must have heard about Canada Express Entry. No problem even if you are not aware of it because we at Emigration Solutions help you to get the hassle-free visa immigration process. Every economic non-native is necessitated to navigate through their PR process over the Express Entry. The Express Entry plays a crucial role of gateway that keeps control on the flow of migrants entering in Canada by various guidelines.


Canada visa offers the essential advantages, some of them are -
  • Federal express entry is one of the most popular types of Canadian visa and the reason is the perks that you can get in this pact, i.e.
  • The selected candidate in this system becomes eligible to receive the invitation to apply PR in Canada.
  • You can get PR in Canada quickly with this method.
  • You can consider it the most regulated immigration system as it selects applicants based on CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) that review without any discrimination.
  • You can get relaxation in this protocol through reduced CRS score required as the Canadian administration is planning to welcome more immigrants to the country.

How to apply

Fees structure applying for the Canadian tourist visa as follows -
  • Enter into the Express Entry pool by submitting your profile.
  • You will get issued an Invite to apply if you meet the minimum points requirement.
  • Apply within 60 days.
  • Get a decision in the target processing time of six months.
  • If successful, move to Canada.


You have to qualify by the following eligibility criteria -
  • Come up with the score result of your language test.
  • Non-native candidates have to show their ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report lists parallel to Canadian education.
  • Submit EOI and apply online in Express Entry.
  • Score at least 67 points based on your profile factors like age, education, language proficiency etc.
  • Once the ITA (Invitation To Apply) for PR visa is issued, you have to provide the education & health certifications.

Processing Time

The federal government of Canada has taken several steps to make the visa process faster. However, there is no specific announcement that has been made by authorities for the year 2020 as far as the process and rules are being concerned.


Application expense for Canada PR for
  • Each Applicant - CAD 550 (Rs. 29000).
  • Single Child CAD - 150 (Rs. 8000).
  • Right to Permanent Residency: CAD 490 (Rs. 27000).