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Partner Visa Australia

Partner Visa Australia


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The Australian Partner Visa is a visa for married partners and de facto partners of Australian citizens. Australian PR and eligible New Zealand citizens to enter and to settle permanently in Australia. There are three major sub-classes for partner visa, this visa is mainly divided into two categories which is Prospective Marriage visa and Partner visa. The type of visa for which an applicant should apply depends on the type of relationship that he/she has.


  • Stay in Australia until the embassy decide applicant’s permanent Partner visa or that application is withdrawn.
  • Work in Australia.
  • Study in Australia.
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want.
  • Enroll in Australia’s public health care scheme.

Cost of Visa

  • The Australian temporary and permanent partner visa comes at a base fee of $7160 each. Whereas, charges of $3585 is charged for every additional applicant over 18 years of age, and $1,795 for every applicant under 18.


  • To get the eligibility for a Partner Visa an applicant must be married to, or in a de facto relationship, with an Australian citizen or PR. Interdependent, or homosexual partners are also eligible. Under the Partner Visa, partner must sponsor for a period of 2 years. After this, if the relationship is still genuine and continuing, you may be eligible for permanent residence.



  • Meet relationship requirements
  • Be the right age
  • Two of Form 888 – Statutory declaration by a supporting witness in relation to a Partner or a Prospective Marriage visa application.
  • Proof that your relationship is genuine and continuing.
  • If you are married, your marriage certificate.
  • If you are in a de facto relationship, documents that prove this relationship.
  • Applicant and spouse must both be committed to a shared life together to the exclusion of all others.
  • Relationship with applicant’s spouse must be genuine and continuing.
  • must live with spouse or do not live apart on a permanent basis.


  • Meet our health requirement.
  • Meet our character requirement.
  • Pay your debts to the Australian Government.
  • Must not had a visa cancelled or an application refused.
  • Must have a sponsor while lodging your application.

Processing time

Temporary Partner Visa

75% of applications: 24 months
90% of applications: 31 months

Permanent Partner Visa

75% of applications: 12 months
90% of applications: 20 months