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Tourist Visa Canada

Tourist Visa Canada


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Are you planning to visit Canada for a short holiday or to meet your friends, family etc.? Well, Canada is one of the most desired places for holidays across the globe. The natural beauty of Niagara Falls & Banff National Park moreover the splendid architecture of Toronto’s CN Tower and many other tourist attractions entice travelers to Canada. The lenient immigration policies offered by Canada is one more reason that allure travelers and tourists across the world to visit the Maple leaf county.


Canada visa offers the essential advantages, some of them are -
  • You don't have to worry about the interview as Canada tourist visa application has no visa interview.
  • It is also a long term visa. Generally issued for 10 years or until the expiration of passport.
  • There is a program named CAN+ expedited program. Indian and Chinese passport holders can take advantage of that as well.

Cost of Visa

Fees structure applying for the Canadian tourist visa as follows -
  • Visitor visa (including super visa) - 100$ CAD.
  • Visitor visa for family (5 or more) - 500$ CAD.
  • To extend your stay as a visitor - 100$ CAD.
  • To restore your visitor status - 200$ CAD.


Few basic terms are there that you need to fulfil while applying for a tourist visa in Canada and they are -
  • You must be in healthy condition.
  • You must have good character.
  • You should have travel documents and your passport.
  • You must have to be financially strong enough to support your stay in Canada.

Processing Time

How much time will this visa take to get processed? This is the question that might arise in your mind. Well, the Canadian immigration authorities have to finish the process within 15 days of application. Though, please note that you have to apply for the visa prior one month in advance.

How to apply

If you are an Indian passport holder then you can consider Visit visa as the right option for a short term. it generally permits you to stay in Canada for up to six months. However, the immigration officer decides the exact period of stay when you apply for the Visit Visa.