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Skilled Visa New Zealand

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New Zealand is one of the most attractive countries in the world to live, work or raise a family. It stands on the top at many global parameters of human living and development. It is being recognised as one of the cleanest, safe and peaceful countries to immigrate in. New Zealand PR is a program that permits you to live, study or work in the country for an indefinite time and give you most of the rights that an authentic citizen of New Zealand have. To apply for the New Zealand PR visa, you must have held the resident visa for a minimum of two years without any interruption.

Benefits of having PR in New Zealand

  • This permits you to live in New Zealand for an indefinite period.
  • New Zealand healthcare will be accessible for you.
  • Provide you with access to New Zealand school education.
  • You can exit or re-enter to the country as a resident on Permanent basis.
  • Once you get the New Zealand PR visa, you'll become a permanent resident of Australia as well.

How to apply for New Zealand PR visa from India?

So basically, there are three ways to get New Zealand visa from India and the candidates can opt one for them – 

SMC (Skilled Migrant Category) -

The SMC gives you a permit to live and work in New Zealand on a permanent basis. Though, a candidate must go through the point-based system to find out if he/she is eligible to apply for the visa and the points are assigned for you key profile, i.e. Age, education, work experience.

Eligibility For Skilled Migrant Category

You can apply for PR in New Zealand under SMC on condition that you – 

  • Are 55 years or below.
  • Are in good health.
  • Speak English.
  • Are a good character holder.
  • Are a 6.5 or above IELTS scorer.

Moreover, there are three lists of occupation issued by immigration authorities of New Zealand, your occupation should be in one of those lists and you must have relevant experience in your professional field to become eligible.

How can you apply for New Zealand PR under the SMC program?

You can apply for SMC category in the step by step manner given below –

  • Provide all the details of your skills, qualification, work experience, family details by submitting an EOI (Expression of Interest) online.
  • Your EOI (Expression of Interest) will be accepted and you will get the ITA (Invitation to Apply) visa, provided you have got the adequate score as per NZ point-based system.
  • You need to proceed for the same and submit to the authorities with necessary supporting documents.

Family Category Visa -

There are several categories available of Family visas and you can follow them to apply for PR visa in New Zealand, provided you are spouse/partner, the parent or dependent child of an NZ citizen or permanent resident. Nevertheless, you need to get sponsored by your relative living in New Zealand.

Business and Investment Visa -

This specific category is made for the people interested in business or investing in New Zealand to participate in the development and growth of the NZ economy. You will be eligible to apply for this visa category if you have funds to invest in NZ and also your business idea should be accepted by the higher authorities of New Zealand.