Canada study visa

Canada Study Visa

Canada provides advanced teaching methodologies, umpteen numbers of career as well as employment prospects, quality education.


Canada Study Visa

Canada is a friendly and safe country with a high standard of living. Low crime rates, great student health benefits, and universities focused on student security and health make studying in Canada a good choice for those who are uneasy about personal safety while abroad.

Eligibility conditions to study permit in Canada:-

  • Candidate must be accepted by a designated learning institution in Canada.
  • Candidate would require proving that He/She have sufficient funds
  • To pay tuition fee
  • Money for your accommodation Expenses
  • Return transport expenses
  • Candidate need to be a law adhering citizen,should not have any criminal record
  • Candidate need to be in good health and willing to perform a medical examination if required.

What is a study permit Visa?

  • A study permit in Canada is the printed authorization issued by a concerned officer allowing the foreign students to study there.
  • Its validity is only upto 90 days after your study program is completed.
  • When you receive a notification of program completion from your educational institution then this program is considered complete.
  • Before you apply for a work permit you need a letter of acceptance.

For the benefits of Indian students the Canadian government has started a Student Partnership Program(SPP)

What is SPP(Student Partnership program):-

It is an administrative program designed and applied between the Canadian visa agencies in India and the association of Canadian Community Colleges(ACCC)

This program allows the students of Indian origin to get admitted in the universities and colleges in Canada.The student partners program engages close cooperative partnership and feedback from the colleges taking part to double check scholar compliance with the periods of their study permits.

Students Visa Benefits

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How to Apply


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