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Partner Visa In Australia

Australia is a beautiful country and having stable economy and developed infrastructure. It offers multiple job opportunities for different class of professionals.


Partner Visa Australia

It provides also perfect settings to integrate and settle. Spouse Visa of Australia is one among the key aspect of Australia immigration that increase the interest of applicants to explore the scope and opportunities of career.

How you can apply for a Spouse Visa Australia?

The Partner Visas such as Subclass 100 and 309 Visa allows  the spouses of Australian permanent Residents to immigrate and live with their partners in Australia.  The Spouses of Eligible New Zealand citizens are also eligible to apply for the  Australian partner visa.

Difference between Subclass 309 visa and Subclass 100 visa:

The spouse or partner visa subclass 309 is a temporary visa that allows an applicant to stay in Australia  till the time the Permanent visa (subclass 100) is processed.

Eligibility  requirements for applying  Subclass 309 visa:

To apply for  the spouse  or partner visa, the applicant must be either married or in a de facto relationship with any of the below categories:
1. A citizen  of Australia
2. A permanent resident of Australia
3. An eligible New Zealand citizen.

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Other key information to apply visa:

1.  An Applicant is a partner of an Australian citizen, Permanent resident of New Zealand.
2. An Applicant is outside Australia.
3. An Applicant can be granted the visa if he is married and his relationship break down and there is a child of the relationship.
4. Applicant`s partner dies and he can show that his relationship would have continued  if his partner had lived and he has close business, cultural or personal ties in Australia.
5.  The applicant relationship breaks down and he and is family unit has  suffered family violence.

If you are applying for a partner visa as a de facto partner, then the applicant must have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months, while the marriage  need to be legitimate as per Australian law.

How you can apply partner visa Australia?

There is a two stage process for applying Australian partner visa. Firstly, if you are in de facto relationship (12 months at least) and married, then you can apply for both subclass visas 309 and 100 at the same time. However, you are applying to two visa types, but you are paying only one visa type. And, once your 309 visa is successfully accepted at the same time time your permanent residency visa has been granted.
Secondly you can apply first subclass 309 visa for staying in Australia temporarily. Now if your 309 visa is accepted,  you can stay in Australia and work there. Later, after 2 years you can submit additional documents  to apply for permanent resident visa(subclass 100). If submitted documents found correct, then your application can be accepted for the permanent citizenship.

Benefits of 309 Visa:-

1. This subclass allows you to stay in Australia till the time decision is made on the applicant`s permanent partner visa.
2. The applicant can study in Australia, but he will have no access to government funding.
3. The applicant can enroll in Medicare, it is an Australian scheme for health related care and expanses.
4. The applicant can apply for permanent citizenship after two years.

Partner Visa (Subclass 100)

Subclass 100 is a permanent visa and it is the second stage of the partner visa application, when the applicant has been granted already provision visa(subclass 309). An applicant can be assessed for subclass 100 visa after two years of lodging of application for provisional visa.

Benefits of Subclass 100 Visa:-
1. It provides applicant right to live in Australia indefinitely.
2. The applicant can work in Australia during his stay.
3. The  applicant can enroll in Medicare, an Australian scheme for health related care and expense.

  1. The applicant can sponsor his relatives for permanent residency.
    5. It allows an applicant to move to  and fro for five years starting from the day visa is granted.

    Cost of the partner Visa  Australia:-

1. Partner (Subclass309/100)visa- Estimated $7000
2. Additional applicant charge 18 and over- Estimated $3505
3 .Additional applicant charge 18 and under- Estimated $1755

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How to Apply


The Applicant must be in de facto relationship for more than 12 months or married.


The applicant  need to apply for both subclass visas 309 and 100 at the same time. However he need to pay only for one visa.


After confirmation of 309 Visa, the applicant need to wait atleast 2 years for applying 100 Visa.

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